Why Mobile

Staying in control of your wine

You’ve spent countless hours to reach this point of the winemaking process, making any number of important decisions that could make or break the quality of your finished product. With bottling being the final stage, chances are you’d like to be on hand to see the fruits of your labour made ready for sale, and know it’s been achieved with precision and care.

Vinline brings the bottling to you. Our mobile service allows you to keep total control and see your wine travel from tank to bottle and it’s important to us to have you involved. Our purpose-built equipment is the best available and your wine is in great hands with our experienced team.

The ease of the mobility experience and knowing the job will be professionally done, is why we use Vinline.

Neil Gallagher ; Winemaker ; Woody Nook Wines

Why Vinline?

There are a number of advantages in bottling onsite with Vinline.

1. You’re in control. By avoiding your wine being taken away in tanks, its integrity will be maintained. You can be involved in the process and with Vinline, you also control the bottle and label ordering.

2. You’re in good hands. We’re boutique and can respond and quickly and adapt to fit your scheduling. We’re reliable and strive to make each bottle perfect. Vinline has been around since 1999 and we have members of staff who have worked with us for more than 10 years. Our team has significant experience in and thoroughly understand the winemaking process. Our pricing is competitive.

3. We’re all about the quality. Our equipment and machinery is the best available and we continue to invest in new technology. We provide a safe and clean working environment and go above and beyond the industry standards required for sterilisation, filtration and bottling. We carry out all the necessary Quality Assurance requirements including bottle coding, regular checks and recording.

Keeping our equipment meticulous and in the best working order is crucial to maintain our reputation for reliability and quality. Years of operation and regular maintenance teach our engineer and technicians to recognise and understand the subtle sounds of the machinery, to pinpoint potential problems, troubleshoot, and keep the line running.

Our loyal client base includes Voyager Estate, Woodlands Margaret River, Woody Nook Wines, Jane Brook Estate, Lenton Brae, Fraser Gallop Estate, Forester Estate, Millbrook Winery, 3drops, Clairault Streicker Wines, Credaro Estate, Mandoon Estate, Sandalford Winery, Watershed Premium Wines, and Willow Bridge Estate.

Give Darrell a call to find out more about how Vinline can help you produce your best possible vintage.